Can't use Presenters View



Using PP 2007 to create and run our worship presentations at church. Here is
what we using.
* HP G71-340US laptop
* Connected to 2 Sharp 55" LCD HD televsions via HDMI connection from the
laptop to the televisions
* The connection is going through a booster and splitter and the picture
quality is excellent.
I can't get PRESENTERS VIEW to display.
When I go to the SLIDE SHOW tab and click on the PRESENTERS VIEW checkbox I
get a popup message that says, "This feature is for use with more than one
monitor, but only one monitor was detected. To see if your computer can
display on mulitple monitors, click the CHECK button." When I click the
CHECK button the Screen Resolution window pops up and it is showing that the
laptop is running 1/2 Mutlple Monitors.


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