Change name and date for edits in tracking mode?



I had multiple reviewers collaborating on making editorial changes
(deletions, insertions, comments) in a Word 2002 text file. When the cursor
passes over these changes, it displays the name of the reviewer and date the
change was made. I want to change these or delete them altogether, but
prefer to enter one name and an earlier date for everything. I understand
this text may be saved in a cookie, but I have no idea how to deal with that.

Can anyone help?

Shauna Kelly


This information is not saved in a cookie - if it were, the information
would not travel with a document if you sent the document to someone else.
The information is stored within the document.

You can't change the names or dates. But you can get rid of them all. To do
that, do Tools > Options > Security and tick the "Remove personal
information from file properties" box. When you save the document, it will
assign all changes to someone called "Author" and delete the dates.

Make a backup of your document first, in case you need to go back to the
'real' author information.

Hope this helps.

Shauna Kelly. Microsoft MVP.

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