Changing Shapes



Hello. I have lots and lots of plain text boxes that I
want to convert to "Tagged" boxes. Each box has text in
it. Right now, in order to change the boxes, I have to
drag in a new "Tagged" box, then cut the text out of my
plain box and paste it into the Tagged one. I then need
to reaatach all the arrows. This is very cumbersome, and
if there was anyway to simply reformat the box that would
be GREAT! I tried using the format painter and it did not
work. Thanks in advance for help!

Mark Nelson [MS]

I don't know of an easy way to do this. Can you approximate it by setting
the Corner Rounding to a large number?


I actually need it specifically to change a standard box
to a tagged box. I figured if I could do basic shape
switching, I could then apply the same process.

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