Custom Number sequences


Sep 11, 2023
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I am looking for a specific Customize Number list sequence. Specifically it must be able to generate the following format:
1. "Point One"
1.2 "Point One A"
1.2.1 "Point One A,B"

That is, each line needs to be numbered not only with the current line number (e.g. "1") but reference its exact place in the numbered list (e.g. "1.2.1")

None of the options in One note let me number lists in this way.

I know that this is an option in Word, but Word does not let me easily drag and drop to rearrange points in the numbered list (to my knowledge). Can someone help me? Is there a place that I can download more sequence options for One Note? Or is there another program that would do this, preferably that allows me to store the files locally?

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