Database Reverse Engineer


Peter Kryszak

Visio 2003 Enterprise Architect
Oracle 9i R2 database
Oracle 9i R2 client

It's been a while, but I used to be able to reverse engineer from Oracle
database schemas with no trouble. However, lately it seems that I cannot
get it to work with either the Oracle or the Microsoft ODBC driver. I get
the message "Encountered a fatal error during reserve engineer of information
from the database!"

I can see in the output pane that many datatypes, etc. are being extracted
and doing another reverse engineer shows many warnings that objects already
exist in the diagram. The Impurt output ends with "Fixing up the diagram
...." and the statistics, including "Tables reverse engineered : 0; ...".
However, no tables are visible in the "Tables and Views" pane.

Visio is obviously connecting and getting some object definitions from the
database, but not my user schema objects, just system objects. What can I
look for to diagnose and correct this problem?




James W.

It looks like Visio 2003 was only tested with Oracle 7.x and 8. You may
receive unexpected results with other versions. Reference “About database
drivers and database model diagrams†under Visio help

James W.



Don K.


I found that if I pick "Oracle Server" under installed Visio Drivers when
starting the reverse engineer wizard, I get the error. When I switched to
ODBC Generic Driver the reverse engineer feature worked.

Hope this helps.

Don K.

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