Documents from shared model are created with design mode on

Nov 7, 2017
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Novice here with design mode in Word 2016 and I need help with a document I created (with macros and Quickparts). I saved it as a model on a shared disk so that many people can access and use it. It works well, but when we open the document from another computer than mine the document opens with the design mode turned on. Because of that, users can’t use the drop down menus or activeX controls. Explaining how to add the developer tab and turn off design mode for everyone is not really an option (many users, low computer skills).

I’ve tried saving the document with the design mode off, it doesn’t work. I was thinking of adding a macro to turn off the design mode when the document is opened, but I’m not sure how to create one that is conditional to the design mode being on (I don’t want to turn it on if it is already off when the document opens).

Any suggestions for code or alternate ways to correct this ? Thank you very much for your help.

edited to add : sorry, first time posting and I wasn't aware about cross-posting etiquette. Thank you for letting me know.
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