Downloaded Office 2007 but it didn't come with Outlook (Why not?)

Discussion in 'Outlook General' started by jan, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. jan

    Danny D. Guest

    Hmmm.... I have the supposedly "full suite" of recovery CD's from Dell:
    Mine decidedly do *not* contain the MS Office that Dell installed OEM.

    So, I guess others are getting Microsoft Office from Dell, but, for
    some reason, Dell won't ship it to me. Strange.
    Not in my case. That's why I asked if anyone else received
    a Microsoft Office recovery disc from Dell. And I've called multiple
    times, so I've spoken with various supervisors (I always ask for
    the supervisor on deck whenever I get a bad answer.)
    Actually, then sent me these restore CDs without any fees whatsoever.
    But they decidedly do *not* include Microsoft Office (which they
    had installed OEM).

    It would be useful to know if anyone else has tried to obtain the
    Microsoft Office backup media from Dell (or any other vendor)...
    Danny D., Sep 20, 2013
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  2. jan

    Danny D. Guest

    Actually, we had to type in the product key when we first started up
    Microsoft Office. So, apparently Dell doesn't pre-authorize (all?) their
    OEM installations.
    Danny D., Sep 20, 2013
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  3. jan

    Danny D. Guest

    Yes. You seem to be aware of this faux pas, but I was not.
    I had assumed that "Dell Support" was "Dell, inc. Support".
    How wrong I was.
    I just don't want others making that silly mistake.
    Danny D., Sep 20, 2013
  4. jan

    Danny D. Guest

    I don't know if it's new, but, Microsoft certainly offers a free download
    of various versions of Microsoft Office at this location:

    They show all sorts of options for free downloads & free physical media:
    Danny D., Sep 20, 2013
  5. jan

    Danny D. Guest

    They did bundle a trialware version of McAfee, which I duly deleted
    in favor of a freeware AV program.
    Danny D., Sep 20, 2013
  6. jan

    jan Guest

    The main problem was shipping a CDROM across the ocean.

    The good news is that the original problem is resolved!

    My kid installed MS Office 2007 H&S, from the free download provided
    by Microsoft on the web.

    And, then he installed the MS Office 2003 Outlook, again from the
    free download provided by Microsoft on the web.

    So, we're all set.

    Thanks for all the advice & tips!
    jan, Sep 20, 2013
  7. jan

    jan Guest

    This was the solution.

    1. We downloaded MS Office 2007 H&S off the Microsoft web site.
    2. When installed, it did not contain Outlook.
    3. So, we downloaded MS Office 2003 S&T off the Microsoft web site.
    4. Then, we installed just Outlook, from that free download.

    My kid reported back that everything worked fine.

    Thanks for all your help and advice!
    jan, Sep 20, 2013
  8. jan

    jan Guest

    I have both 2003 and 2007 so the product key was never
    the problem. The problem was the kid was too far away
    for me to physically do anything.

    But, with your help and advice, we resolved everything
    by installing office 2007 h&s and then just outlook from
    the office 2003 s&t download.

    The kid reported back it all worked fine.
    jan, Sep 20, 2013
  9. Glad you got it sorted.

    In the UK, your contract would I think be with where you bought the
    computer (I think you said Costco), so it is they who would be obliged
    to - I think - either give you what you bought in a working condition
    (if that was a computer including Office including Outlook), or give you
    a refund of the purchase price paid. I haven't seen your original post,
    only others quoting it, but some of those included the phrase "about a
    week ago" or somesuch; under those circumstances, I'd have expected them
    to cough up with no quibble. Of course, I also gather you bought this
    for someone now some way away from you, which would make such
    restitution awkward and possibly uneconomic, so I am glad Dell and
    Microsoft helped out. In the UK, I think they'd have been under no
    obligation to (though I'd hope they would in the interests of good
    public/customer relations), unless the original product explicitly
    stated that the purchase price included support by Dell and/or
    J. P. Gilliver. UMRA: 1960/<1985 MB++G()AL-IS-Ch++(p)Ar@T+H+Sh0!:`)DNAf

    "So, I take it you've ... been with a man before?" "I'm a virgin. I'm just not
    very good at it." Topper Harley & Ramada Thompson (Charlie Sheen & Valeria
    Golino), in "Hot Shots!" (1991).
    J. P. Gilliver (John), Sep 22, 2013
  10. jan

    Danny D. Guest

    That was me, and not the OP.
    1. I bought a Dell at Costco which came with Office 2010 (oem version)
    2. Dell fedex'd free backup media for Wind8 (oem version) & drivers
    3. Microsoft fedex'd free backup media for Office 2010 (retail version)

    The catch 22 was that Dell installed the MS Office but wouldn't send
    backup media, while Microsoft doesn't support OEM Office installations.
    The OP had apparently installed Outlook on a kid's computer where
    the kid was overseas for a semester in school, so the OP's problem
    wasn't media, but freely downloadable Microsoft Office software.

    The OP's first problem was initially that he/she didn't realize that
    Office 2007 Home and Student didn't come with Outlook.

    The OP apparently solved the problem simply by downloading the freely
    available MS Office 2007 Home & Student from Microsoft, and then the
    harder to find MS Office 2003 Student and Teacher Edition, and he/she
    simply installed 2007 and then just Outlook from 2003 on top of it.
    I'm no lawyer, but in the USA, Dell will support your computer for
    a year for free - and that includes sending you backup media, for free.

    For me, the hard part was getting Microsoft to send me the MS Office
    backup media for free; but they eventually agreed to my arguments
    that they "said" they would ship it to me for $12.99 but they didn't
    (so Microsoft Fedex'd overnight the retail version backup media for free).

    Here's a screenshot where Microsoft "says" I can buy backup media:

    Here's what they sent because I couldn't actually buy the backup media:

    In the end, Dell supported everything but their OEM installation
    of MS Office; and Microsoft supported their retail version of Office.

    It probably wasn't worth all the phone calls though, as, for something
    like a hundred bucks I could have just bought MS Office 2010 retail.
    Danny D., Sep 22, 2013
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