Drag & Drop PNG/GIF/JPG into canvs results in "Package(d) Object"?



I cannot drag&drop PNG, JPG, or GIF files but can drag&drop a BMP into my
Visio sheet. Instead of the graphic showing up, the name of the file appears
with the right-contextual entry "Package Object".

I have tried resetting the file association to default "Windows Picture and
Fax Viewer" for PNG JPG and GIF. I have also reset all file associations to
"default" settings

I am not looking for solution to import with menu actions (e.g. Insert>
Picture), or cut and paste, only drag&drop.

I believe this is a conflict with the file association/OLE Object being
interpreted by Visio in an incorrect fashion, but cannot fix.

Help appreciated!



Barb Way

The behavior you note is expected. The difference is that Bitmap (BMP and
DIB) objects are registered with OLE, while the other types are not.

You can see Bitmap Image listed in the options under Insert Object.
However, JPG, PNG, EMF, WMF, GIF, etc. are not registered OLE objects.
This is why you see the behavior you do when dragging objects into the
Visio drawing.

You might be interested to know, however, that Visio can open these file
types directly. So that if you drag from Windows Explorer and drop onto
the area of the Visio application title bar, for instance, the application
will open the file as a separate drawing. From that point you can copy (or
cut) and paste into your target Visio drawing, and then close the extra
drawing generated. Not an elegant work around, but it may be better in
your scenario than Insert Picture.

Barb Way
Product Support - Visio
Microsoft Corporation
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