Excel Popup box to fill a row



Hi Guys,

I'm trying to create a "task" agenda with priorities, so co workers can make a task by themselves.

I would really like a popup box to be shown when they press "maak nieuwe taak" (make new task)
In the box they would need to fill all te fields exempt geschatte werktijd en deadline.
Aangevraagd op: (date when added) would need to be auto filled with the date when they add the task.

I made a small macro to sort the tasks.
The colors are made with conditional formatting, this is just for me to have a overview.

Can someone help me with the box ? it would need to add the new row underneath the gray row.
I would really like to keep the colors, so 'urgentie' 1=red, 2=orange, 3=yellow, DO RSB = orange, Klaar = grey text.

Hopefully someone can help me..

Here is a link to the xls

THX !!!!!!

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