Form to update Table



I have several forms built. 1 is there the processor puts in their daily
schedule and time off production. Another is the supervisor enters daily
work and maybe more than 1 entry in a day. another form is a processor form
where they locate the work assigned and mark a complete date on it.
When i run the report for total amount of work time - time off to coincide
with the assignments I can't get the hours to update the table.
For ex. Supervisor enters assigned 100 on 6/12/09 and than another entry for
the same person 150 on 6/12/09. The processor than goes in on the form and
inputs their hours for today. On another form the go to the batch that was
assigned and put a complete date or leave it bland if they were not all
completed. i can't get the report to tally the hours on the same line as the
work assigned. Any suggestions?


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