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Discussion in 'Word Tables' started by enigmaes, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. enigmaes

    enigmaes Guest

    Complicated, but here we go.

    I have a document (close to 300 pgs) that is line-numbered for qualit
    control. I put the number 1 in the first line, and every line belo
    that I used a formula: "=MAX(ABOVE)+1" to create the line numbers.
    This way, I can add lines in the middle, and the numbers can be redon
    in a few keystrokes.


    After that, I need to reference the line numbers in other parts of th
    document. So, I highlight the line number, which encompasses th
    formula, and give it a bookmark label. Again, fine.

    When I need to reference it, I type text around it, so that it look

    Also see section 500.2, (# )

    After the # sign, I insert a formula that says "=ABS(bookmark)" Thi
    works great, because if I throw more lines in the middle, the reference
    automatically update.

    so, here's the question -

    What if I have TWO sections to reference that are on different lin

    Also see section 500.2 (#)
    And see section 500.3 (#)?

    IS there a way to get two different values returned?
    =if(abs(bookmark1) not equal to abs(bookmark2),abs(bookmark1)"
    "(Bookmark2)," ")
    or something.... How do I do that?

    enigmaes, Jul 25, 2012
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  2. enigmaes

    Stefan Blom Guest

    Stefan Blom, Jul 29, 2012
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  3. Hi,

    [Word version?]
    Do you mean exactly text "lines"? You could use Line numbering (Page
    setup | Layout).
    Do you mean "paragraphs" (where each paragraph is a line)? You could
    use paragraph numbering.
    Do you mean table rows? You also could use paragraph numbering within a
    separate column.
    I guess, that's the reason why you don't use Line numbering...

    If paragraph numbering (which can be cross-referenced) is not a choice
    for you, may be Captions are an alternative:
    Create a new label "line". Enable "Exclude label from caption". Replace
    all your formulas by a field: { SEQ line}
    Now you can cross-reference to those caption numbers, without having to
    apply any bookmark by yourself.
    Did you try { If bookmark1 <> bookmark2 "bookmark1, bookmark2"
    "bookmark2"}? Maybe, I didn't understand you well, may be you have to
    nest a second IF-field.
    (Maybe, the COMPARE field will help you.)
    Lisa Wilke-Thissen, Jul 30, 2012
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