Front Page 2002 and MSIE 7 - service.lck error



Has any one found a solution to this?
On a WinXP Home system, I'm using Front Page 2002, and had no trouble
uploading files to my Web space (at my ISP). A while ago, I installed
Internet Explorer 7. Now, when I try to upload, I get a Microsoft
Front Page error "Server error: Cannot open file 'service.lck' for
I've Googled it, and everything seems to talk about the problem as a
"server-side" issue, not a "local machine" problem. My ISP, however,
says their Front Page Extensions still work fine, and they have heard
of MSIE 7 problems. Frankly, I believe them.
Meanwhile, what do I do? I've tried everything from deleting all
"service.lck" files on my machine, to uninstalling and reinstalling
Front Page.
Any suggestions?

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