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Thomas R Grassi Jr

Been using Frontpage on my Windows XP Pro SP3 computer for sometime but I
never had to publish a web site before.

I have a Windows 2003 R2 Standard DC Server SP2 with IIS6 installed The
FRontpage extensions are installed on the IIS6 server.

I am using FRontpage 2003 SP3
IIS 5 is installed on my XP PRo pc
I created a Web Site here
Now I want to publish this web site on My IIS6 server

Currently I have a default.htm file on the IIS6 server and from my pc in IE7
utl I type this presents the default.htm page on
all my computers no problem

My problem is how do I update that site from frontpage?

In frontpage I open site on my pc running IIS5 which also has the site this is where I develop the site.
Now from the Web Site window in FP I select REmote Web Site then select
Remote Web Site Properties
choose FrontPage or Sharepoint Services
then type in Remote Web Site location

I get unable to open remote web site message

I even tried
same error unable to open remote web site

After I installed the frontpage extensions on the IIS6 server I restarted

What am I missing or doing incorrectly?

Any ideas or thoughts?



Thomas R Grassi Jr

I got it to work I used folder options

But would like to know why the FP option did not work

Any ideas thanks


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