Help to convert merge codes from 2003 to 2010

Jul 29, 2014
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I had used the following in Word 2003, but it does not transfer to word 2010, I just get errors. "Error! Reference source not found".

I'm not sure how this has changed.

I'm asking for a number, which will be manually entered.

Then I want to take that number and divide it by 3.

Can someone shed some light on what was changed? Words? codes?

In Word 2003 the sentence read

We shall be paid a fee equal to {SET Percent { FILLIN "Fee?" \d "0"}} {REF Percent} % of the any saving obtained for this year. The fee is equivalent to an annual fee of {=(Percent/3)} % of the three years in the period.

After doing some research I don't know if I have to use "bookmarks" or what.

Any Help or insight would be appreciated.



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