Upgrading from Office 2010 to Office 365

Mar 15, 2016
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Greetings, I have researched other threads and don't see an exact answer to a question I have about upgrading my Office application from 2010 Home and Business to my recently purchased Office 365 (2016) Home (5 PCs/5 Users.) 2010 has Word, Excel, PowerePoint, Outlook and Onenote. Office 365 has all those plus Access and Publisher.

The question I have before I go online to download and activate 365, is one that has been answered differently by several people (including Microsoft support and the folks at our local Microsoft store), is should I uninstall 2010 before installing 365. And if I do that what about Outlook's data? I know I can save the pst file and import it to 365 but is there an easier way to save messages, contacts, and settings?

Or should I install 365 along side 2010 and then uninstall 2010 later. I don't need 2010 but was told that it's better to install 365 with 2010 (or 2007, 2013, etc.) so that Outlook can find what it needs and transfer the settings to the new Outlook. Three calls to Microsoft yielded three different answers. One yes, one no, and one maybe.

I've read where if one installs 365 along side 2007 or later it can create conflicts in the program files, others have said no it doesn't. Microsoft has said yes it can and no it won't. Depends, I've found, on whether one is talking to Microsoft support in India or the Philippines.

So I turn to you good folks. Have any of you gone through this process yourselves? Before installing Office 365 should I (and did you) first uninstall 2010 (or 07, 13) or should I leave 2010 in place and install 365 and then remove 2010? Of course all my working files (docx, xlsx, pptx, pst, are always backed on an external hard drive. And Outlook. Will I need to recreate each of the 3 email accounts I currently use (i.e. set up new accounts using the correct domain names, email addresses, passwords, imap and smtp settings, etc.)

Thanks all for your help. Really appreciate it.
Mar 4, 2016
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Hello Rick,

So, when you install Office 365, it essentially install Office 2016 apps on your computer. No matter what others say, its always, Always and ALWAYS recommended that you 1st uninstall an existing version and then install the new version. And this holds true to all the software out there, including your security software.
Please refer these links to make the Outlook transition easier:

All the best

Edwin S |Tech Support Team

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