How do I create a report group footer in Access 2007?



I created a group on a report that was originally created with the report
wizard in Access 2007. The group header shows and works fine. How do I add
the group footer?

Thank you!


Don't know if you ever got your answer, but I worked HARD to find this
solution, and while I was researching it, I came across your
unanswered question. Hope you were able to figure it out by now,
though! :)

1.) Click on the "Design" tab on the ribbon.
2.) Click "Group & Sort" in the Grouping & Totals section.
3.) At the very bottom, there should be an orange bar. It says "Group
on [your field name here]". Mouseover the word MORE, and it should
turn into a button. Click it.
4.) More options should show up and one of them should say "without a
footer section", and there should be a downward arrow next to it.
Click the downward arrow, and select "with a footer section".
5.) Go back to the "design" tab, and click the "Group & Sort" button
again. It should turn off the option on the bottom, and show you your
design again. The design should now include a footer.

HTH! :)

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