How do I reverse Detect and Repair, all data is lost?



A message appeared that said a file couldn't be located and I needed to
select Help and click on Detect and Repair. I followed the instructions and
lost all my emails, contacts, calender, tasks etc. It reset my Outlook to
original install settings. Where did all my stuff go. It even closed all my
email accounts and I don't have the logon settings and passwords.



Jocelyn Fiorello [MVP - Outlook]

A System Restore to before you did the D&R *may* work -- I'm not sure. If
not, go to Control Panel | Mail | Show Profiles and see if you have more than
one listed there. If you do, try starting Outlook with each one of them in
turn to see if any of them is connected to your .PST file and your e-mail
account settings.

If all of the above fails, you should still have your data file on the
machine somewhere. Do a search of your hard drive for all files with a .PST
extension (if you use Windows XP or 2000, you'll need to enable searching
within hidden folders to find all .PST files). Once you find the file, which
is most likely called outlook.pst (not always), you can add the file to
Outlook while it's open by clicking File | Open | Outlook Data File, then
browsing to the correct location.

Jocelyn Fiorello
MVP - Outlook

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