How to apply outline numbered list to an existed file?

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I have a document having the structure like the following

1£®1 AA

1£®2 AB

1£®3 AC

1£®4 AD

1£®5 AE

1£®6 AF

1£®7 AG

1£®7£®1 AGA

1£®7£®2 AGB

When I edited this document, I forgot to apply outline numbered list to it.
Now I want to apply outline numbered list to it.
How can I do this?
Any advice is appriciated.

Stefan Blom

If the document was formatted using paragraph styles, just add numbering to
the appropriate styles. If you are using Word 2003, see

If you are using Word 2007, place the insertion point in a paragraph using
the style that you want to be associated with your level 1 numbering, and
click Home tab | Multilevel List | Define New Multilevel List. Word displays
a dialog box similar to the Customize Outline Numbered List dialog of Word


It is great!
The numbers such 1.,1.1,1.2 and so on must be deleted manually?


I have tried the command you provided,but it did not work.
The numbers that I want to remove are not in heading style.
Is there any other method?

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