How to delete embedded Word object?

Discussion in 'Access VBA Modules' started by BlueBullDog, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. BlueBullDog

    BlueBullDog Guest

    I have an embedded Word document in an unbound object frame. I want to delete
    the object from the object frame using VBA. How do I do it?

    My goal is to let the user select Word documents and edit them in-place in
    the unbound object frame, so I have to remove the existing object and replace
    it with another. I've tried changing SourceDoc, but it does nothing. I've
    tried setting the Action to acOLEDelete and that also does nothing.
    BlueBullDog, Jun 2, 2010
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  2. On Wed, 2 Jun 2010 06:53:01 -0700, BlueBullDog

    This worked for me and switched to the second doc:
    OLEUnbound23.Action = acOLEDelete
    OLEUnbound23.SourceDoc = "c:\test2.doc"
    OLEUnbound23.Action = acOLECreateLink

    Be sure your control is set to Enabled=True, Locked=False.

    Microsoft Access MVP
    Tom van Stiphout, Jun 2, 2010
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  3. BlueBullDog

    BlueBullDog Guest


    Many thanks! I have looked several days for that simple solution. To get
    the object to disappear, I used this:

    Me.oleDoc.Action = acOLEDelete
    Me.oleDoc.SourceDoc = ""
    Me.oleDoc.Action = acOLECreateEmbed

    Question: If I am adding and removing documents over and over again from
    the unbound object frame, does the code above really remove the object from
    the database so that the database does not incrementally inflate with each
    new object that I bring in?
    BlueBullDog, Jun 2, 2010
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