Hyperlinks in textboxes only not working, pub2007 and IE8




I have created a web quest for university project to be submitted in 2 days.
It is the first time I have created a website, a 'mock' website because I am
not actually publishing it to the web rather saving it on a cd that others on
the intranet can view. I have really been enjoying using publisher, all my
links worked my images came out good on my pc, however as soon as I saved it
to cd and tried it on a fresh pc troubles have arisen.

I have made some images into hyperlinks and they all work including one pdf
document. The hyperlinks that are in text boxes and were made by highlight
text and the inserting a hyperlink to the website or pdf document work in the
publisher document but not the saved html file on disc.

All the pdfs that I require I haved in a folder called downloads on the cd
next to the xxx.html file and xxx.folder.

Any possible solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you



On the PC that has the problems, look at the address bar on the browser you
are using when the problem arises and that will lend information as to why
you are having problems. If you can not figure it out, copy and paste the
defective link(s) in the address bar here.



After studying the link path in the address field as per Spike's suggestion,
try changing the link to a relative link:






Hello Gentlemen,

I thank you for your prompt response and especially on the weekend.
Let me update on what I did too work around my defective text hyperlinks.
I inserted text boxes for each of the defective links copied only the text
for the working hyperlinks in the xxx.pub file to the new text boxes. Then I
saved those text boxes as pictures (jpg) in my downloads folder on the cd,
deleted the original text boxes i had just created and inserted the
replacement pictures (jpg) to that space. Saved as filtered web page to the
cd and then opened up the xxx.html file. Now the links work fine.

Obviously this is a bit of a round about manner of doing things and I would
much prefer to just have the selected text in the text box be the working
hyperlink in the xxx.html file but when hover over those links the cursor did
not change to hand symbol as it does for the picture links.




Hello Spike

I can now see the links that were not fuctioning before thanks to the work
around I explain in a later post. However, now that I am back at my pc
working off the cd when I click on my pdf links that are saved in a downloads
folder on the cd I get an error msg saying I.E can't display the webpage.

The defective links in the address bar are:
D:\Downloads\great_deserts of_the_southern_ hemisphere.pdf

Also, the links to web addresses work but when I click on back in my browser
it does not take me back to my webpages.

Looking forward to your reply


Perhaps I understood your problem incorrectly.

If you had hyperlinks in text boxes that did not work...they were not
active, then it is possible that it is because of the way the text box was
formatted. If you use some fancy borders, some fill colors for example, this
can result in the whole text box being converted to an image which kills the
links. You can tell if the text has been converted by doing a web page
preview, left click and drag to try to select the text...if you can't then
the text box has been converted. You can also view the files within
index_files folder in thumbnail view and spot text boxes that have been
converted to images. Anyway, if this is what is going on you can remove or
change the formatting and other workarounds.



The links are looking for the Downloads folder on drive D:
The computers are looking at their local Drive D: for the folder and the
If the CD is not in drive D: an error will pop up

What is the drive letter where the web pages are located on each computer?



Hi Spike

The drive letters vary, there is no one case fits all scenario.
If I wanted to keep my "mock website" portable, how could I go about it?
Because i have not actually published the website to the internert on a
server, I can't actually save my pdf files that I want to link to on the

My understanding was if I created this webquest in publisher, inserted all
the links to the web and the external files on my hard drive to the publisher
document and saved it as a filtered webpage. All I would need to do was copy
both the xxx.html and the xxx.files to a shared folder (in this case a cd)
and it would work.

However, the external hyperlinks, in this case the pdf documents, are not



Rob Giordano [MS MVP]

you can't expect a absolute hyperlink to work unless the path stays the same
on each and every computer you put the CD into.

Rob Giordano
Microsoft MVP Expression Web


Ok, what if I changed it to a relative hyperlink if that is possible?

excuse my ignorance on the difference between the two I have not had much
experience creating hyperlinks.

thank you.

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