Image loses quality



Chris K pretended :
In frontpage edit and design mode this image is
very clean

but as you can see - it's loses quality as a
It has not been increased in size
Is there anything I can do to make sure it
displays as the original

Try saving the original image as a .jpg - the shadow effect requires more shades of grey than a .gif can provide. If transparency is required, save as a .png, but use IE conditional comments to render the .gif version to IE6 users since IE6 cannot render transparent .pngs.


<!--[if < IE 7]><img src="myimage.gif"><![end if]-->
<![if > IE 6]><img src="myimage.png"><![End If]>

The first line will be ignored by all browsers except IE6 and earlier, the second line will be rendered by all browsers, but ignored by IE6.

Ron Symonds - Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)
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