Inbound email filtering beyond Rules


Tony Gravagno

I'd like to understand how Outlook 2010 Rules have improved over

Several years ago I found limitations in Outlook 2003 Rules. Outlook
would behave weirdly and crash if there were too many rules. It also
doesn't deal well with rules for non-standard headers. My solution
was to create a series of VBA scripts that processed inbound emails
against an external file of rules. Each rule in the file identifies a
header, a condition, a value to match the condition, and the target
folder when a match is made. Examples:

\\Personal Folders\Inbox\Registered Sites\LinkedIn

\\Personal Folders\Inbox\Lists\Active\Foo

\\Personal Folders\Inbox\Lists\Active\ZZZ List

\\Personal Folders\Inbox\Company1\Clients\ZZZZ

To|includes|[email protected]|
\\Personal Folders\Inbox\Company2\C2 Sales

\\Personal Folders\Inbox\Lists\Inactive\YYY

A form is available in my toolbar which allows easy creation of these
filters with a mail item and folder selected.

Prior to that processing, if an email matches an existing Contact, I
have a path to the folder where emails from that contact should go.
=MOVETO:\\Personal Folders\Inbox\Company2\Clients\ZZZZ=

Further, once the disposition of an email is determined, all
non-essential headers are removed to help keep the size of my PST

So all of this sophisticated handling (yes, and much much more) is in
Outlook 2003 VBA because Rules just didn't cut it. I have bypassed
v2007 and am installing a new system with Outlook 2010.

My questions are:

1) Do I need to continue using my scripts to get this level of
filtering in Outlook 2010?
2) Is there a commercial "uber filter" out there?
3) Should I convert my filters into addins and sell them? :)
4) Is there a better forum/venue for these questions?


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