Legal numbering by Article and Section



I have a document I have divided into separate article numbers
numbered as so:

Article One
General Trust Provisions

Article Two
Trustee Powers

Article Three


Each Article is divided by a continuous section break.

These are defined as a style and are automatically numbered ("One",
"Two", etc.)

Article One has sections as follows:

Section 1.01 Some Section Title Text
Section 1.02 Some Different Title Text
Section 1.03 Still Different Title Text

Article Two should have sections as follows:

Section 2.01 Some Section Title Text
Section 2.02 Some Different Title Text
Section 2.03 Still Different Title Text

Instead, I get Section 1.01, Section 1.02, etc. I cannot get the
number in front of the decimal to increment. When I first set up the
document, It worked beautifully. It all broke down when I printed the
document and updated the table of contents. I have tried everything I
can think of to get the number to increment without luck. I'm using
Word 2007.



Suzanne S. Barnhill

For general principles, see Although
this article has not been updated for Word 2007, the principles are the
same. The primary difference is that you can't access the multilevel list
dialog (corresponding to Customize Outline Numbered List in previous
versions) through the Modify Style dialog. Instead, you must use Define New
Multilevel List (even when it's already been defined and you just want to
modify it) to get to your outline numbering. Make sure that each numbering
level is linked to a style.

But the vital principle is that you need to make the style used for the
article numbers and the styles used for the lower-level headings part of the
same multilevel list. Specify "Legal-style numbering" for Level 2 and below,
and make sure that each lower-level style is set to restart after the next
higher-level one.

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA


Okay. I got it to increment correctly by repairing the links (could
the dialog be any more cryptic?)

I lost my leading "0" after the decimal for numbers 1-9. How do I get
it back? Oddly, the "Start at" box on the dialog reads "a" instead of
"1" or "01", even though it is returning Section 2.1 under Article Two.

Stefan Blom

I guess you are referring to level 2 in the multilevel numbering dialog box? To
have a leading zero, you must choose the 01, 02, 03, ... number format.
Temporarily deselect the "Legal style numbering" option so that you can change
the number format (via the "Number style for this level" box).


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