Link to pdf not linking



I'm still drafting, but in preview, my links to pdf's on my pc (XP) are not
working. I loaded the site (huge site) and they did not work. Oddly, one did.
But I mistakenly removed the link and then put it back, and now it doesn't
work either. I've been to the website about add ons (which I did years ago)
and I send pdf's email... but the ONLY reason I'm given this site to create
was for newsletters and now I can't link. It has to be simple.



Don Schmidt

What many folks do is crate a folder on the website sever, i.e., downloads
or files or pdfs

Upload all of your pdf files you want to make available to visitors into the
downloads folder.

Lets say you have an apple.pdf a orange.pdf etc.

On the website page you can use a statement or an image for the link. i.e.,

Get the apple file here.

With the mouse highlight the word here

Now select Insert, Hyperlink

In the box type

(Instead of the use your site address.

Create links for each pdf file.

Save your pub file as a website, upload the new files and that should do it.

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