master - sub project with sub basline and sub budget


mousa bawadi

I have EPM 2007 on mix org and the Project manager manger some the team directly but some of the project team member reporting to functional manager who wants to manage his team on daily bases and ask the, to work on multipleprojects in the same time,
The functional manager that he want to manage his part of the scope directly so I think to change the way we plan our projects from one plan to multi plan ( master – subprojects ) and every functional manager his part as project but linked with the other plans as sub project .
So my question here , can I give the functional manager authority to control the schedule without the PM edit the subproject schedule and t want the functional manager the control to add sub tasks in move resources on this tasks every day without resetting the baseline every day and the project server keep tracking the cost correctly ,
Some experts told me to modify the task type to fixed work in this case thesub project manager can modify the resources without effecting the baseline or need to reset the baseline every day ,,,, please advise how I can do this scenario in nest configuration on the EPM 2007 .


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