Merge image file in Access 2007 attachment field into Word document



I'm using Access 2007 with the new attachment field type.

I have a table with an attachment field that contains a .JPG image file.

I would like to do a Word merge and insert the attached image for each record
into the output document.

I have seen instructions to use the IncludePicture merge command to reference
a file based on its file path, but this does not seem to apply to files that
are actually attached in the database in Access 2007.

I'm hoping for a simple way to do this based on Access fields.

The only workaround I've imagined is writing a script to iterate through the
table and save all attached files to a single folder, after renaming the
files to a standard name based on the record ID (i.e. "1234_image.jpg"). Then
I would use the IncludePicture command to reference the files and merge them.

Any ideas out there? With the new attachment field type, you think that
Microsoft would have implemented a method to use the attached files in merges.


I also would like a solution to this problem. Has anyone been able to merge the image directly from Access without dumping it to a file first?

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