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Feb 25, 2020
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I am at wit's end. I have a document that contains a number of charts that were originally designed in PowerPoint. The charts were copied-and-pasted into Word. I want each chart to appear after explanatory text, something like this:

When text in the preceding paragraph is edited, I need the chart to remain where it is following the semicolon in the preceding sentence. Instead, edits to the text cause the chart to end up in the middle of the paragaph, usually preceding the semicolon, which is unhelpful.

Despite trying every combination of options in the Layout Tab (and it Position and Text Wrapping choices), I cannot get the charts to move when text is edited. I have selected Top and Bottom (with text wrapping) for the Layout. The "move with text" option is selected. Under Position, I have Horizontal Alignment set to Centered on Page. I have tried playing the the Vertical settings, thinking they are the problem but I have found no way to let the chart float vertically relative to the text. I have also enabled and disabled, at various times, "Move object with text" and "Lock Anchor."

I have read every resource on the internet dealing with how to position objects and images in Word. Most of them describe how to anchor an image into one spot, but very few address how to get an image to float for follow a specific point in text.

I would be grateful for any and all assistance. Many thanks.

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