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Thomas Halliwell


I wondered if you still have the MS Access database information? I am in the same predicament of a sizeable project requiring FF&E schedules to monitor items including cost and delivery times, etc.

Many thanks,

I am setting up a database to track and report the finish/specification
schedule for projects that will allow the info to be sorted in a couple of
different ways.

The basics are: I have builders, sub-contractors, and suppliers who I use
repeatedly on many idfferent projects in various combinations. I have these
already stored in my Outlook Contacts. I think it would be esiest to import
these or link directly to these contacts from there, without creating a new

Second, I have a client, who has one or more projects. Each project has a
specific set of rooms, which I am thinking I will put in its own lookup
table. Then each project also has a specific set of information, which I am
thinking should be in seperate tables according to type, i.e. cabinets,
countertops, plumbing, appliances, etc. (Each of those categories has its
own set of info - room, material, color, finish, etc).

Then there is the "finish schedule" which has sub-sets of floors, walls,
ceilings, etc - each of those has specific info - room, material, color,
finish, etc., again. I want the entire finish schedule to be grouped
together, but maybe only in the report, unless there is a good way/reason for
linking it together.

So, to sum up-
Many builders - who are linked to one or many projects
Ditto sub-contractors
Ditto Suppliers

Many Clients - one or many projects
Projects - one or many rooms
Detailed categories, specific to only one project

Eventually I want to be able to print reports that show each project,
detailing each product by category and then also detailing each room and
showing all info pertaining to that room from every category.

Am I on the right track?
How do I set up these tables/relationships?


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On Saturday, September 15, 2007 2:35 PM Steve wrote:
If you have an immediate need to get your project database done quickly, I
can work with you to design the
table structure of your project database. I have done this for numerous
customers. My fee is very reasonable. I provide a map of the tables that
shows all the tables in the database, all the fields in each table, all the
relationships between the tables and the type of relationship for each
relationship. The tables are arranged on the map generally as the flow of
information in the database. I create a map of the tables for every database
I do. The map visually shows what forms and subforms are needed for data
entry, shows what special forms and subforms can be created for dispaying
data in the database and shows
what reports and subreports can be created from the data in the database.

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