Notes not showing in presenter view (Similar to previous post)



I'm using PowerPoint 2003. I am customizing a presentation by adding notes
to a presentation created by someone else. In reviewing the presentation in
Presenter View, I have noticed that some speaker notes do not appear. When I
look in normal view, they are there, but in Presenter View they are gone. I
read a similar post from 2008 and the poster had identified a problem where
slide numbers appeared in the place of the note when in presenter view.
Curiously, my problem seems to start with a slide that has the slide number
where the speaker notes should be. When I go to Note View, as the poster
sugggested, I do not see the page number listed (as she did), only the notes
that I typed. But when I go to Presenter View, the notes are not there, only
the slide number. After a few of those sldies, there is nothing in the
Speaker Notes section, not even slide numbers. Pages and pages of speaker
notes don't show up. Please help ASAP!


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