OneNote won't index audio, at all OR OneNote uses 100% CPU



This is an odd one. I've asked in a few forums but we haven't been able to
come up with a solution.

Here goes...
I upgraded from ON2003 to ON2007 when ON2007 was released. At that time,
audio indexing seemed to work well.

A few months ago, I formatted my drive and installed a fresh copy of XP. I
also started moving around some of my notes to better match ON2007's
structure. Some time in the middle of all the moving, I ended up with a
folder that looks empty in OneNote but if I look into the Folder in File
Explorer it's filled with the audio notes that were originally in that folder
(I tried to explain that as clearly as possible).

So, that's the setup for the problem. Ever since that time, OneNote seems to
choose at random when it will index the audio. Most of the time I can leave
OneNote running overnight and it won't index at all. Then other times, I can
leave it alone for a few minutes and it will run my CPU to 100% (sometimes
running so much that it overheats my CPU and my laptop shuts down to avoid

The "index audio option" is definitely checked. I've tried every possible
combination of checking/unchecking/changing other
options/start/restart/reboot that you could think of.
It doesn't seem to have indexed any notes in a long time. At least no audio
notes show up when I search.
I take audio notes daily. I probably have hundreds of hours of audio that
need to be indexed since cleaning my computer up.

Any ideas? Thanks!


I am having a similar problem. I do have XP SP2 installed and Onenote 2007
installed. I also installed "Desktop Search" since it was recomended by users
on XP due to the lack of VISTA search capabilities. However, onenote cannot
index audio files. When I use the search (search abilitated for indexing
audio) no words from and test recordings I've made work.

Maybe installing the desktop searh work for you.


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