Suggested Improvement for Audio and Notes Sync function




-The Audio and Notes sync in OneNote can be better. A good model
would be something similar to Livescribe pulse smartpen ( in terms of the way
the notes are replayed).

In OneNote 2007, the audio is sync with my notes, ie the notes are
highlighted as the audio plays. However, I realized that it only works well
with typed notes and not-so-well with handwritten notes. For it to work
better with handwritten notes, I have to write my notes in straight lines
consciously and space my lines of words more because OneNote seems to group
words into lines. It would highlight lines and lines of words as the audio

In cases where my handwritten notes are all over the place (eg when drawing
a mindmap), the highlighting of my notes by OneNote in the audio sync notes
function tends to be arbitary--sometimes it highlights one clump of words and
sometimes it just skips over another group of words. Hence, I think it's
better to have the handwritten notes replayed stroke by stroke rather than
highlighting while the audio is playing. Livescribe is already replaying the
notes this way so I really hope Microsoft can take a look at it.

The problem about Livescribe is that I have to write my notes on the special
papers provided by them in order for the pen to work. This means I can't
write stuff on the handouts given by my professor. A tablet coupled with
OneNote would allow for more flexibility in this case.

- Ability to speed up the audio (say by 2x/3x/4x) with playback of the notes
sped up accordingly as well.

I frequently speed up my recorded lectures and listen to it when I'm on the
go. This is because this is just revision and it's too time-consuming to
listen to the whole lecture again with the same speed. It would take up far
too much time. Hence, it would be awesome if audio and notes sync can be sped
up together just like the way we speed up a movie (ie audio together with the
visuals). I suppose this function would be more difficult to implement?

Thanks a lot!

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