Outlook 2003 rules not always working



I have a moderately large set of rules to move incoming mail to
various folders in Outlook data files. This has worked well for the
last year or so.

But lately, the one for "Newegg" seems to only work intermittently -
sometimes the mail stays in the inbox. Yet if I just run the rule
manually, the message is moved as it usually is.

Is there a known issue with rules sometimes just not working? It seems
to happen more often if the message arrives while Outlook is doing its
initial fetch after being started up, but it happens other times as

I understand Outlook 2003 doesn't support access to rules logic from
VBA, but is there a way to cause Outlook to run a specific rule (or
all existing rules) on the Inbox, which can then be assigned to a
button on the toolbar? I'd then have a one-click fix for this



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