Outlook - Catgorizing emails by names

Dec 9, 2021
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I am working in a group mail box and we - 8 users - have to wade through heaps of emails before we find one that is relevant to us. Often the emails are sent to both our personal account and the group mail. ALL mail has to be in that group account.

I am now trying to find a way to categorize emails, in essence assigning it to a person. I have tried the email address (i.e. added in cc or to) but that doesn't work as of course the persons email is part of the group email as well. Is there a way I can create a rule in Outlook that says look for the individual email address but ignore content of the group?

It would make all of our lives so much easier.

Thank you for your thoughts.

Katbaroo - because the Yak yaks.

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