Outlook 2007 performance


John Andrews

Does anyone believe Microsoft cares that Outlook 2007 is dreadfully slow, has
awkward menus and is more cumbersome to use than 2003 or 2002? If so can
they show me the development plan with committed resources to allow the
option of 2002/2003 menus and performance? We'll all need to move away from
these versions as they become unsupported and bugs cause serious problems,
and the upgrade fees will be massive profits for Microsoft. Well I'm fed up
and won't buy any more Microsoft stuff.
I run a miniature business dependant on a laptop with decent e-mail, word
processor spreadsheet and presentation aids. I've been using XP Pro Office
2002 but due to the bugs that crash 2002 since it became unsupported I
switched to 2007 - I want decent calendaring and prefer my mail downloaded.
After a month of hassle and disappointment, nearly as bad in one month as all
the problem I had with Office 2002 until it became unsupported ). I can't
afford the waste of my time, I'll manage with shareware in future and I'm
trying flavours of Unix next month.


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