Packing list Query and Reports



What I want to do: A query and later based on this a report.

Its for creating order input, production info and finally a packing list.

My problem relates to the packing list. First we pack INNER Boxes – giving
them there own numbers. Later we put 4 innerboxes in an outerbox – in advance
we do not know which ones.

A. I have a table, packing list table including apart from the ID column the
following columns:
-Style (this is based on selection from a Style Table).
-Colour (this is based on selection from a Colour Table).
-Size ((this is based on selection from a Size Table).
-InnerBox (this is based on selection from an InnerBox Table).
-Quantity (manual feed).

B. I have few queries based on this table who work well, including showing
what’s packed in an inner box, style by style and then sorted by colour.

C. I also want to associate each innerbox with an outerbox. This is so far
done as below:
-A separate Outerbox table.
-In the Innerbox table I also have a column for association with outerbox
(this is based on selection from the OuterBox Table).

D. Now I want to create an OuterBox packing list. Probems:

Problem No 1: I am not able to get the OuterBox number associated with the
innebox number in the packing list table – or query based on the packing
list, so that a get the result I want, an Outerbox packing list.

Problem No 2: I am also having the problem that if I use info from one table
in let say a query or other table then its OK. T shows colours, styles, or
whatever I want, But if a reuse this new query/table for again another query
then in the reused query I do not see the colour names or style names but the
ID number from the original table.

Can anyone help me?

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