Problem In Opening Excel: Thoughts On ?




Using Excel 2007, and Windows 7.
Has always worked perfectly.

Sort of a unique problem has cropped up, and I thought it might be
worthwhile to see if anyone else, over the years, has also had it, or
might know what is causing.

I have the spreadsheet password protected.

Now, for the last week or so, if I enter my password, it comes back with
a msg. that Excel has encountered a problem, MS is trying to find a
solution, etc., and is closing.

But if I try to open it from OPEN on the pull down menu, it opens just
fine after I enter my Password.

Any thoughts on ?



Just for clarity, I assume you have set 'file open' password protection
on the Excel file, NOT sheet protection! It's just symantics but an
Excel file is a workbook that contains spreadsheets, and at least 1
spreadsheet must be visible.

I was able to reproduce a similar problem by placing a checkmark in
Excel Options>>Advanced>>General section to "Ignore other
applications..."! When I click the file in Windows Explorer I get a
similar message/behavior. (I'm testing XL2007 on Win7 Pro) The file
opens fine when I open it from Excel. Have a look to see if this is the


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Thanks for help; much appreciated.

Haven't had a chance to get back to it, but hopefully will in the next
few days. Will keep you advised.

Something must have changed, somewhere, as it never had this opening
problem before from clicking on the Excel icon for the particular
spreadsheet to get to the password entering screen.

But, like I mentioned, if you get to the Password screen via the pull
down menu and the OPEN command, all is fine.


Thanks again,

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