Problem with Outlook 2003 client - receiving internal




I have one client in my office - we all use Outlook 2003 SP3, XP
Professional SP3. I use one Exchange 2003 SP2 server. We have one
domain/environment/one office.

The one user of mine is having trouble receiving intermittent internal email
in Outlook - the majority of internal mail does not hit their inbox, yet ---
they connect to IE/connect to their mailbox via Outlook web Access --- they
have all email --- internal and the web mail.

The only thing we see is the desktop alert - shows a new email arrived/then
fades away, but ---- mail is never delivered to their outlook inbox. OWA is
opened, and it appears in OWA inbox folder like it should. So I know mail is
hitting her mailbox and delivered to my user, just not in the outlook inbox -
which is the default delivery. Here is the troubleshooting I did -------

Detect and repair Outlook
Re-install Outlook
Created a new Profile for the user (thought maybe their profile was cooked)
Then un-install - re-install Outlook

After each step I tried to send internal mail to the users - did not receive
in Outlook, but it showed/was in their OWA.

More testing --

I created a mail profile on my computer for the user, connected to their
mailbox with my Outlook 2003/XP Professional system, I see the same she does
--- not everything in the inbox in Outlook that should be.

I went to my hotmail account, sent her an email, she got that in her Outlook
and OWA inbox. I went to my OWA mail, I sent an email to her, she got that
mail from me (as Bob/corporate email address) that went to her inbox on
Outlook and OWA.

Now she does get "some" internal mail from inside our office, but missing a
lot in Outlook. So I have her use the OWA this way that is accurate as she
gets all mail showing in OWA, Outlook ---- is not receiving mail properly
from out internal office users. She is the only person in the company with
this problem.

If anyone can shine some light on me as to why this trouble with Outlook
2003 SP3 for only one user --- it would be appreciated.


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