Processing/Converting documents into templates


Tony Molloy

We've got a large number of documents that are used as templates by staff,
some with their own local copies, some using copies from the server. Some
have their default paper size set to letter and some set to A4. This causes
no end of problems at time when they're all trying to print to the same
network printer as sometimes it's prompting for someone to change the paper
type for the tray, load letter, etc, etc. To try and prevent all this, I
want to create proper .DOT templates for all the 'standard' documents that
are used and process through them all to set them all to A4, headed in tray
3, plain in tray2. Are there any programs/macros out there that will let me
do this?







I've not done this, but I've read that the simplest approach is to create
multiple dummy copies of the printer drivers, preset to use a given paper
tray by default.

Then you change your global tools template to intercept the print command
and plug in the correct dummy printer according to the page size of the
current document.

I hope you can find details by searching previous posts.



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