Publishing booklet out of sequence



I am using the booklet template in Publisher. When it prints, it does it in a
mixed order so that when it gets on paper, it can be easily foled and turned
into a booklet. BUT, I want to be able to publish it in a non booklet form so
i can use it as a pdf. I want it to be individual pages IN ORDER on the
computer 1,2,3,4 etc not 1,4,2,3. How can I make it NOT publish as a booklet
for the e-mail version.
Also, it only puts myu page numbers on one page. Every other page is NOT
numbered. It won't matter when it is assembled but when it is made to a pdf
and the pages scrambled to "booklet", I can't tell what page is what since
they are now both un-numbered and out of sequential order.



Mary Sauer

You can change the booklet setup if you create a custom page 5.5 X 8.5. You will
need to setup the PDF printer for this size first.

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