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Discussion in 'Access VBA Modules' started by ambushsinger, May 31, 2010.

  1. ambushsinger

    ambushsinger Guest

    I need to do a Query by Form based on multiple selections from combo boxes on
    a form using Access 2000 I need to bring back the appropriate records in a
    ambushsinger, May 31, 2010
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  2. On Mon, 31 May 2010 07:08:01 -0700, ambushsinger

    Query by Form can't do that. It can only select records in the current
    form view. After that, you can potentially open a new form with that
    subset of records in a subform.

    Microsoft Access MVP
    Tom van Stiphout, Jun 1, 2010
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  3. ambushsinger

    ryguy7272 Guest

    ryguy7272, Jun 1, 2010
  4. ambushsinger

    ambushsinger Guest

    ambushsinger, Jun 2, 2010
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