RepaintObject Error: [sub]form not open



I have a subform inside of a main form. The main form is bound to my table
and the subform is bound to a query for child items for the main table.

On the main form, I have a combo box bound to my child items field that
displays a list of choices in order to tie the item to any other item in the
table. In the OnChange of the combo box, I have a macro that is supposed to
requery and repaint the subform in order to display the updated data.

The Requery macro runs without error, however the RepaintObject macro gives
me an error saying that the form is not open. What am I doing wrong?

Steve Schapel


It is difficult to know precisely, without knowing the details of the macro.
However, I can see no reason for the RepaintObject action anyway. What
happens if you simply remove it from the macro?

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