Same text box in Group Header and Footer?



My Group Footer has a summary text box [txtTotalUnits] that refers to
a calculated field in a subGroup footer by using the Control
Source=[txtTotUnits]. Due to the fact that the Group spans many pages,
I want the same summary that appears in the Group Footer to appear
also in the front of the Group (in the Group Header).

Can't I simply use an OnFormat event somewhere and reference
[txtTotalUnits] up in the Group Header?


Duane Hookom

Can you justify using the reference to a text box? Is this a running sum? How
about providing a little background information?


You could but it would be redundant to have the same information both places
and would also lead to people misinterpreting the data.

Why don't you just move all the totals etc. to the Header and leave the
footer blank.

You would do this by opening the report in design view and physically moving
the text boxes and labels from the footer to the header.
You could also move them to the page header and have them print for each

Duane Hookom

I thought I replied to this earlier but I don't see it :-(

Is there a reason why you need to use a control name in the text box in the
footer rather than an expression like:


i believe that you can right click / copy that existing sum box in the
footer....then highlight the header bar....and right click / paste....and it
will add a duplicate of that in the header.....and I think it will work

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