Sum unique entries in report footer



I have the following report set up:
Header 1
-----Header 2
-----------Detail => DocID; #Docs; Error
-----Footer 2
Footer 1
I need the sum of #Docs for Header 1 group, however there may be multiple
errors per batch and hence the #Docs is repeated such as:
DocID #Docs Error
1 20 xxx
1 20 yyy
The sum of #Docs should be 20, not 40. So far I have Grouped by DocID and
used a text box with "=#Docs" in the DocID footer which gives me the correct
#Docs value. The problem is I cannot sum in Footer 1 a calculated text box
from DocID footer. How can I sum the #Docs per batch to show the correct
Total in Footer 1?

Duane Hookom

Typically you will add a text box in a Group Header section with a running
sum set to over all. If your text box name is "txtRunningSum", you would add
a text box in the Report Footer section with a control source of:


It still shows 40 as a total instead of 20. I can replicate this by simply
having a txt box with =Sum([#Docs]). Why the setup of having a txt box in
the header then reference it in the footer? Is it supposed to only sum
unique values?


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