SendObject in Macro Fails Second Time Through



This is my first post in this forum and hopefully I can find someone who has
a solution for this problem that is driving me to drink (more). The entire
macro works as designed except when someone uses the sendobject a second
time. For example, the user goes through and sends a quote via email just
fine. It returns to the form. The next time a user tries to send a quote via
email it returns to the form but the entire application is frozen. I can not
click on anything and have to use task manager to shut it down. Any help
would be appreciated. I would attach a screen copy of the macro but I don't
see where I can attach a file. Let me know if you need additional

Steve Schapel


In the absence of a screen shot of the macro, please type the details of the
macro (all Actions, and relevant Arguments), into your post here. That may
give us a clue what is going on. Thanks.



I have solved the sending email problem since I posted. However, I'm left
with one problem. If the user closes the email window that pops up for them
to review rather than click on send the entire application freezes and I have
to use task manager to close it.

Here you go:

OnError - Macro Name, Return to Form
PrintOut - All, , , High, 1, Yes
SelectObject - Report, rptQuotePrintedNew, No
SendObject - Report, rptQuotePrintedNew, PDF Format (*.pdf),
=[Forms]![frmQuoteView]![E-MAIL], , , ="Services Kit-Parts Quote - " &
[Forms]![frmQuoteView]![QUOTE_ID], Attached is a quote for parts or parts
kit. Please review and send the purchase order when the quote
Close - Report, rptQuotePrintedNew, No
SelectObject - Form, frmQuoteView, No
SetValue - [Forms]![frmQuoteView]![PRINTDT], Now()
SetValue - [Forms]![frmQuoteView]![STATUS_ID], 5
SetValue - [Forms]![frmQuoteView]![FILELINK],
" Parts Kits/Quotes/Services Kit-Parts Quote - " & [Forms]![frmQuoteView]![QUOTE_ID] & ".pdf"

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