shared borders



what i want to do is to have the top, left, and bottom borders shared on all
the pages in my site, but have the right border be specific to each
individual page. I know how to get all the pages to share, but I can't seem
to figure out how to get the right border to remain independent and not


Set up the web to use top, left and bottom shared borders as the
default. This will be used on all pages.

On the pages that also have the right shared border, change the settings
to include the right border.

To set the default:
With a page that uses the default setting open,
Format->Shared Borders
Select "All Pages"
Tick the boxes - Top, Left and Bottom
Click OK

For the right border use an include page.
First make the contents of the included page. This will be a normal
html page with the content for the right column. You will need several
of these pages with different content.
The main page will use a table layout - 1 row 2 columns. The right
column should have a width set to the width of the right column.
In the left column, place the main page content. In the right column
Insert->Web Component->Included Content->Page
Click Finish
Browse to the page you wish to include.
Click OK

The above is for FP2002 and FP2003.

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