Track changes doesn't remember me

Dec 11, 2013
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I am using Word 2013 with Windows 7, and have had this problem with Track Changes. It does not seem to remember me as a single author/editor. I have a document that I created, and am now editing using track changes just for myself. Every time I open the document, it remembers my username. But with each session with the document, my new edits are in a different color. And (more annoying), any newer edits to older edits appear as "track changes" (strikethroughs, different colors, etc). I expect this when editing original text from before track changes was turned on. But using the same computer and same version of the document, any changes I make to my own previous edits appear as tracked changes. This is not an issue of "Remove personal information..." in the privacy center because that is unchecked and it's remembering my username. Any ideas on how I can get it to remember I am the same person, or to allow me to alter my own older edits without cluttering the screen with new strikethroughs and colors?

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