Word OLE to check spelling in text box

Mar 28, 2022
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I use OLE to call Word to check spelling in a text box. For years this has worked well. Word opens, highlights misspelled words with suggestions, user clicks on Change where needed, and Word quickly closes with the changes written into the text box.

Now this works only 2 in 10 times. Instead, Word opens, highlights misspellings with suggestions, user clicks on Change and the changes are made on screen. But after all changes and instead of OLE closing and returning to the text box, Word displays the options to Save, Cancel. Cancel leads to no changes in the text box. Save leads to option to name the .docx file to save. Not at all what is needed.

I am always using all the same OLE call so unclear what is happening. Am I missing an option in my OLE call to get the behavior that has been working so well for years?
Any ideas much appreciated.

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