turn off design mode once saved and re-opened


Bren OG

When using the Control Tool box and having inserted checkboxes etc the design
mode is turned off to activate the checkbox button. Once the document is
saved and then reopened, it opens with design mode active so the checkbox
does not work. How do I turn off the design mode so that the buttons are
active once saved and reopened.

Many thanks for any replies.



Jay Freedman

In Tools > Macro > Security, set the security level to Medium. Each time you
open the document, you'll get a security dialog and you'll have to click
Enable Macros. See
for more information.

You may be better served by getting rid of all the Control Toolbox objects
and using the equivalents from the Forms toolbar. The downside of that is
that the document has to be protected for forms, which disables some
features. See http://www.computorcompanion.com/LPMArticle.asp?ID=22 and
http://www.word.mvps.org/FAQs/MacrosVBA/SpellcheckProtectDoc.htm for some

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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