Updates for administrative installation Office 2003



I have created an administrative installation of Office 2003
using setup /a and patched it with all the updates that have
been released (extracted the .msp from the downloaded updates,
and applied the patch using msiexec /a ... /p ...)

This has worked OK. I now have an uptodate installation and
when I install a workstation from it, all files are uptodate.

However, when I run "microsoft update" on that workstation, it
offers me all 26 updates again.

Why? Is "microsoft update" checking something else than the
file version, and does it check if an update has been registered
in the registry rather than that the affected files are in place?

Is there a way to change this? Now, it is rather difficult to
check if new updates have been released that I still have to
add to the administrative installation.


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