Use project to represent over-all progress and detail progress (how to)



Hello MS Project -
I would like to set up a sked for project. The project is writing 10
scripts for 10 tutorials (kinda like flash movie, elearning, etc)

There is basically 1 script per tutorial.

I would like to have a sked for the "Tutorials" project - which would
be a roll-up of each script.

This would be a schedule to track each tutorial from "write the
script" to release the tutorial.

Each script would have the same tasks: write, edit, show others,
review, incorp any changes, the record the script,
and release the tutorial.

I would like to have each script on my master sked, with details
showing for each script. Kind of like a the task/subtask display in

Does this make sense for the application? I would basically have 10
scripts, with the same tasks (more or less),
that would roll up to a higher level.


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